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This school year we have a full program of high school studies.  Regardless of the age of a student, his or her abilities and acquired skills vary dramatically.  At St. Nicholas we work to deal with this by giving each student an appropriately challenging level of work.  Classes are small and we are interested in each student.  Also, because the school is small; it is a quieter environment that can help the student pay attention to his/her subjects. 

St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy integrates Church and school by having the school located in the Church building.  We participate in Third Hour service of the Church to begin the day of school, and then we also attend the Sixth Hour service at noon. Our parish priest is usually at these services (which the more knowledgeable students lead).  We have a catechism class once a week.  Our teachers are frequently Orthodox, and we develop or choose curriculum that we as Christians prefer.

Our student handbook goes into detail about what we expect from the students and parents as well.

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